Special Needs Planning: The Basics and Beyond

Tools to Grow Your Practice

The 14th Annual ASNP conference is the nation’s leading gathering of special needs planning professionals.

Join us online along with nationally recognized professionals who will share insights on special needs planning basics, latest updates and hottest topics.

The new schedule of events will also offer attendees opportunities for interactive discussion and participation as well as recorded session videos.

  • Cutting-Edge Topics.

Our agenda covers an array of subjects that can be incorporated into your practice immediately, including: Updates on special needs laws and regulations, Fundamentals of financial planning for persons with disabilities, Fixing defective SNTs, Navigating the intersection of family law and special needs law, and much more.

  • Focused on case studies.

As always, much of the learning will be through case studies, including a session explaining advanced planning strategies to enhance the quality of life of persons with disabilities.

  • Nationally Recognized Speakers.

Our speakers include the top special needs planning professionals nationally, including Ken Brown, Michele Fuller, Vince Russo, Kelly Piacenti, Michael Gilfix, and many more.

  • Great Materials.

Speakers will provide sample forms and language, drafting tips, and other resources that you can immediately utilize in your own practice to help create sustainable, consistent, and profitable client results. These materials become your secret sauce to implement more efficient processes and realize a competitive market advantage.

2020 Virtual Meeting on April 16-24, 2020

Check out the agenda and learn more about our esteemed speakers.

Pre-Session Programs

Get up-to-date information about retirement planning, medical expense tax deductions, strategies for growing your practice, planning for digital assets, evaluating financial planners, and integrating veteran’s benefits. Learn More

Understanding public benefits for persons with disabilities is critical to understanding how to prepare and administer a special needs plan. This program will discuss the fundamentals of Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Childhood Disabled Beneficiary (CDB), Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), Medicaid, and Medicare as they concern persons with disabilities. Without knowledge of what is (and is not) available through public benefits and the rules that govern them, there is no special needs planning for attorneys or financial advisors. Moreover, without knowing the effect a distribution has on public benefits, an SNT trustee will not be able to properly administer special needs trusts. Learn More

Attendees will learn how to use ASNP’s SNT drafting guide to include numerous provisions that can be implemented immediately into their third party SNTs. The program will discuss options such as choosing between a stand-alone SNT versus testamentary SNT; designing the best SNT management team that may include professional trustee, Trust Advisory Committee, Trust Protector, and Care Advocate; appropriate distribution provision standards; the importance of the Memorandum of Intent; ABLE funding provisions; and much, much more. Learn More

Drafting the world’s greatest SNT is not enough. If an SNT trustee administers the trust incorrectly, the beneficiary could lose essential benefits and protections. This program will review the top situations that trip up SNT trustees and how professionals can avoid these dangerous pitfalls. There will be a discussion on determining the beneficiary’s public benefits, knowing how different factual situations will dramatically affect administration, understanding the effect of distributions for food or shelter, knowing the differences between first- and third-party SNT administration, and much, much more. Learn More

The SSA has issued a denial of the special needs trust you so carefully crafted. The client calls frustrated because the trust was not supposed to disqualify the beneficiary from SSI. What to do? This program goes through each step necessary to appeal an adverse SSA decision, along with tips and suggestions on how best to manage the appeal and resolve it to your and your client’s satisfaction. Checklists, forms, and suggested language will be provided. The program will also review the necessary steps to obtain SSA approved attorney’s fees. Learn More